Specialized Mechanical Segmentation, Dismantlement, and Material Handling Equipment

REIN designs, fabricates, tests, and deploys specialty mechanical segmentation equipment for remote reactor internals segmentation and removal as well as massive metallic component size reduction. These segmentation systems are designed for both direct and remote installation and operation as required. The minimization and control of secondary waste will be a major consideration in the design and operation of each piece of equipment. REIN has an extensive history of successfully supplying specialty equipment through REI Automation, its parent organization. As REI Automation, the company has provided equipment for the segmentation of reactor internals, cyclotrons, large components, material handling and secondary waste control systems. REIN also has engineered, designed, fabricated and deployed product material handling equipment for radiation sterilization facilities within the US and UK, and has built a nuclear fuel bundle assembly machine for a major US client.

Representative Projects