REI Nuclear (REIN) provides nuclear D&D and waste management services in the areas of comprehensive project planning, mechanical segmentation tooling design and fabrication, material handling systems, and project execution. REIN staff have planned and executed ground breaking projects with equipment and methodologies that have become industry standards.

REIN provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or marital status.

REIN is continuously looking for qualified professionals, engineers, and skilled workers to call on for US and global nuclear projects. Please submit your resume, identifying which of the following positions you would like to be considered for, to:

  • Senior Project Managers – 15 years experience planning and executing major D&D projects with a background in nuclear reactors, large components, and/or facilities
  • Project Managers – 5 years experience planning and executing D&D projects with background in nuclear reactors, large components and/or facilities
  • Senior Project Engineer – 10 years experience providing engineering field support to D&D projects
  • Project Engineer – experience in providing engineering field support to D&D projects
  • Operations Managers – 5 years experience in managing and directing D&D operations
  • Operations Supervisors – experience in supervising D&D technicians and operations
  • Segmentation Technicians – experience in operating mechanical segmentation equipment for nuclear reactor internals, pressure vessels, and other large components
  • Senior D&D Technicians – 5 years experience in D&D operations
  • D&D Technicians – experience in D&D operations
  • D&D Laborers
  • Senior Radiation Protection Managers – 15 years experience in oversight of the radiation protection requirements of D&D projects
  • Radiation Protection Managers – experience in management and oversight of radiation protection requirements for D&D projects
  • Health Physics Supervisors – experience in supervising Health Physics and Radiation personnel and operations
  • Senior Health Physics Technician – ANSI 3.1, DOE 835.103, NRRPT
  • Junior Health Physics Technician
  • Health and Safety Managers – experience in managing and oversight of project health and safety programs; CIH, CHMM, CSP, PSM
  • Health and Safety Specialist – experience in monitoring and implementing project health and safety and industrial hygiene requirements
  • Quality Assurance Managers – experience in management and oversight of project quality assurance programs
  • Quality Assurance Specialist – experience in auditing and implementing project quality assurance program requirements
  • Project Controls Specialist – experience in cost control and reporting activities
  • Schedulers – experience building and maintaining CPM schedules using Primavera P6
  • Other Relevant D&D Program Support Positions: Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Protection, Community Relations/Communications, Emergency Planning, Training, Records Management, Procedures & Document Management, and Supply Chain and Procurement